Prague Morning Tour

Early birds, this one is for you. Let us take you on your e-scooter through the empty streets of Prague and take beautiful photographs while the city is still waking up. This e-scooter Prague tour is a bit shorter (and easier on your wallet), yet packed with lots of historical sights and one amazing viewpoint.

morning tour Prague

Tour details

2 Hours / 6 km
Private Guided Tour
58 € / 1500 Kč - per person
Departure: 9:00

  • For early birds
  • Go around & plan your day
  • Avoid the crowds
  • Take great morning photos
  • Romantic start of the day
  • Go-Pro filming (on demand)
  • Budget friendly
  • Unleash Your Morning Energy!


Get up early and catch this morning! You will go on your Private Tour on when there are not a lot of people on streets. Wide avenues of Prague, pictures free of extra people… Your guide will show you viewpoints with the best views to morning Prague and tell magic stories of the old quarters.
Departure times may vary of the season (Summer 8:00, Autumn/ Spring 9:00, Winter 10:00).

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We will compose private tour especially for you. Let us know what do you want, we will contact you ASAP (not later than in 12h).