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I am a solo traveler, is it possible to go on a Private tour?

Yes, providing segway and e-scooters tours in Prague we make each tour as Private Unique Tour. Even for one person. You will enjoy Prague accompanied by a private guide. Or if you want you can join one of the group tours.

I have never ridden a Segway before. Are they easy to ride?

Yes! Absolutely! Everyone gets proper Segway training before the tour and we don’t start the tour until you feel comfortable. After just a few minutes the Segway connects to your nervous system (as Avatars do : ) and riding becomes natural and intuitive. Even kids 7 years old or seniors 80+ can operate it safely. In any case we will offer you a test drive (free of charge) before you will go on tour. Extra time for private training will be provided too.

What is the age requirements on Prague On Segway tours?

The are not minimum age exactly set for segway tours. But kids should be able to understand the rules and follow all the instructions of a trainer and a guide. There is a minimum weight restriction for segway riders - 35 kg. Under this weight ride a segway safely is impossible due to technical reasons. We use e-scooters and e-bike that are in bicycle transport category in Czech Republic. To ride e-bike or electric scooter minimal age is 10 years, but in any case we will make a test-drive (free of charge) before you start. The kid should be tall 150 cm or more to drive it. Alternatively for kids we have mini e-bikes Xiaomi, so kids form 6 years can join segway / e-scooter tours on it. Minimal age to drive a Trike is 18 years old, to go on the rear seat of a Trike the minimal age is 7 years old. Maximum age to be a Trike driver is 69, to be a passenger - 75. ! Underage 16 can not join a tour or rent e-bike without a responsible adult person !

Are there any weight restrictions on Segway tours?

In the Segway PT user's manual written: minimum rider's weight is 100 lbs(45 Kg), maximum allowed weight is 260 lbs (117 kg). We do not use segways in high-speed mode on tours in a safety reasons. All the tours going in the beginner's "safety mode" with a maximum speed limit 12 km/h. In fact our staff did rode a segway (not on tours, but during tests and entertainment) up to 180 kg (2 people on one segway) and there were not any malfunction. In any case it's your personal decision - use segway or not. We just should warn you. Before the tour each participant must sign the Waiver Agreement that he/she is informed about. Nevertheless we keep the right not to allow kids lighter than 30-35 kg take part in a tour. Thank you for the understanding. Alternatively we can offer you e-scooters (looks like a bike, but without pedals). There are no weight restrictions on it.

Do the Segway Tours operate when it is raining?

Yes, the tours run in light rain and other moderate weather conditions. For winter time we have winter tires on segway so we can safely ride on snow. It is really safe, it is possible to play hokey on segway (but do not recommend to do it without an experience :). Check the link on YouTube. In the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions [e.g. hard snow/ wet ice during winter months] the Segway tour may be canceled up to one hour before the departure time. In such cases customers will be offered the opportunity to reschedule for the next available tour.

Will there be other people on a tour?

All Prague On Segway tours are completely private. There will be only you and a personal tour guide. We never merge different groups. However we have several mini-group options in some tours. If you would like to join a group, just choose a time slot where mini-group option shown.

Is it possible to have a Prague On Segway tour in different languages?

Prague On Segway tours are in ENGLISH as default. Our tour guides are trained to speak English slowly and articulate well with customers who are not native in English. We have German-speaking, Russian-speaking and Portuguese-speaking guides in our team too so booking in advance is highly recommended. Also we have external guides in other languages (French, Spanish, Ukrainian) but they are not available at any time. Please let us know your preference in the Add Comment field during the booking and we will check other languages availability ASAP.

How can I pay for the Segway Tour?

Payment to be made in our office at the tour day. Cash only please (CZK / EUR / USD). If you prefer to pay in advance by a bank transfer – invoice will be issued by a request. Alternatively, you can pay by PayPal or by a credit card via PayPal. In that cases you will be charged additionally for 5% of PayPal transaction commissions.

Is it necessary to book in advance or can we just turn up at the Prague On Segway office?

We have enough resources to provide a tour for you. But sometimes could happened that all the guides are on tour but someone just show-up and wants to go on tour right now... It is highly recommended to book in advance in order to avoid any disappointment.

Can pregnant women go on a Segway tour?

The safety of your unborn child is our priority, therefore pregnant women are not allowed on Prague On Segway tours. If you are professional in bike riding we can offer you e-scooter Hugo for join any segway or e-scooter tour.

Should I have a driver’s licence for use scooter or segway going on tour?

Segway PT is a personal transporter, by the local Czech regulations it is like a pedestrian. Using electric scooters up to 1000 Watt with a maximum speed up to 25 km/h we going in a bicycle transport category. You need not driver's license to go on it. But riding a scooter also as a bicycle in Czech Republic you should follow the rules and do not drink alcohol or use drugs before or during a ride. Instead of, on segway you can get a pint of beer. ;)

We heard that segways in Prague are not allowed. Can you provide a legal tours there?

Unfortunately from the 9 Dec 2016 majority close some Old Town areas for segway tours. We made new segway routes in Prague Castle area and in the national park "Prague Canyons" (Divoka Sarka) where we can offer you the best city views and relaxed park areas. Riding there is legal and you will enjoy your trip with us. Alternatively if you going to discover Old Town and Lesser Town you can choose private tour on electric scooters. you need not driver's license for that. The best options are 180 and 240 min Combined Tours - you will cover the Castle area on Segway and come to downtown on scooters.

We are going to make corporate event in Prague. Can you help us?

Having more than 8 years of experience making tours, events, team-buildings and fun parties we have enough resources to manage groups up to 70 people on segway and up to 30 people on electric scooters at once. Make a request please by email at [email protected] including number of people, date and type of the tour/ event you want. We will handle your inquiry quickly and individually.

What is Prague On Segway tours cancellation policy?

Cancellation of your tour is possible 48 hrs. in advance, via email or phone. Later cancellations can not be accepted. We trust our customers to show up for their scheduled tours. In case of light rain we provide raincoats. In case of hard rain tour could be re-scheduled or cancelled by your request.
Couldn't find the answer above? Please email us at [email protected] and we will reply ASAP.
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