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Running a Segway tour company, we often get questions about where to get the best souvenirs. Prague like any big city has a lot of cheap and nasty souvenir shops littered throughout old town. If it’s a magnet you want, then that’s the place to go. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique and typically Czech, have a look at some of our neat ideas below.

Surprisingly, we think one of the best places to start is smack bang in the middle of the city in Václavské náměstí. Although this street is a little overwhelming with typical souvenir shops and brand stores that can be seen all over Europe, Luxor bookstore is one worth taking a look at. Luxor has a HUGE selection of classic and modern Czech literature available in English to sink your teeth into. Why not grab a beautifully illustrated copy of Franz Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’ to go with your visit to the museum in Malá Strana? Or a copy of Milan Kundera’s ‘The Incredible Lightness of Being’? The Czechs are huge readers, but also mega history buffs. There is a virtually endless selection of history books that would be a perfect match to your personal Prague on Segway tour. DeafMessanger diaries and notebooks are also available in Luxor – handmade and carefully constructed books with clippings from Czech magazines, maps and literature along with stenciled art inspired by the city. Each page in these notebooks is carefully assembled and put together by schizophrenics and other mentally handicapped people in Prague, certainly a lot more refreshing and done to earth than the usual made in China stuff found everywhere else. Some big name celebrities including Susan Sarandon were big fans of these notebooks and even bought a few to take home.

“Some big name celebrities including Susan Sarandon were big fans of these notebooks and even bought a few to take home.”

Finally, located on Spálená street close to the National Theatre is a gigantic hidden gem of an antique store called Knihkupectví a Antikvariát Aurora where you can find almost any trinket left over from the olden days of communism. Get lost in the seas of old postcards sent between loved ones, some even during the war. Our personal favourites are the antique maps and posters hanging all throughout the small stairwell – why not pick up one of Alfons Mucha’s trademark pieces to hang on your wall at home.

Prague has a lot to offer when talking about souvenirs, and we think there is always something to match the kind of experience you’ve had in our town. Hopefully you’ll find some of these ideas useful!

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