The Hospoda Hunt - Part 4

Our culinary exploration takes us deeper into the Czech jungle for it's final destination. It's been a delicious,  and at times emotional adventure. Our segway's are starting to run out of juice, pleading to be plugged in and left alone- having surely felt a weight increase over the course of our expedition. Soon our two wheeled friend, soon. Today we are on the hunt for the mythical 'utoponec'.

Street Life - Part 3

Photo shows a grilled sausage with two pieces of bread and ketchup and mustard on a paper plateFace blanketed with the remains of the Cukrarnas finest offerings, Prague-On-Segway licks the dripping cream from the sides of it's mouth. That was a snack well done. Back on our wheels we go to take you to the streets to see what Prague's window vendors have cooked up for us.




Anonymous Bar

Barkeeper with mask sprays something on cocktail glass in flamesWe’re back with another top bar recommendation for you, and following our last article on Hemingway Bar, us here at Prague on Segway are thrilled to continue the cocktail trend and talk about the fascinating ‘Anonymous Bar’.



Foodie Museums and Edible Artefacts - Part 2

Czech pastry, filled puff pastry roles with whipped cream

Prague-On-Segway is still recovering from the meat something with something dumplings and something sauce we had for lunch (we think it was today, but we've been stumbling around Prague ever since trying to digest, it could be weeks later for all we know). Having battled-off the dark forces of the food-coma, we mount our podiums and roll off into the city to find our next source of taste stimulation.


Prague Lunch with a Punch - Part 1

Plate filled with meat, dumplings, and white cabbage. Traditional Czech meal.Prague-On-Segway doesn't usually need an excuse to wander around Prague sampling it's favourite national dishes. But in an attempt at killing two birds with one stone (not to eat), we've decided to satisfy our infinite appetite whilst bringing to you a short guide to the weird and wonderful world of The Czech Lunch.



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