Prague Souvenirs

Photo shows an assembly of colorful notebooks and diaries with different covers

Running a Segway tour company, we often get questions about where to get the best souvenirs. Prague, like any big city has a lot of cheap and nasty souvenir shops littered throughout old town. If it’s a magnet you want, then that’s the place to go. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique and typically Czech, have a look at some of our neat ideas below.



Celetna Street Legend

Picture of several city houses facing each other, view from the street upIt’s time for another legend! This time we cross the river from Prague Castle and bury ourselves in the twisted maze of Old Town.




Anonymous Bar

Barkeeper with mask sprays something on cocktail glass in flamesWe’re back with another top bar recommendation for you, and following our last article on Hemingway Bar, us here at Prague on Segway are thrilled to continue the cocktail trend and talk about the fascinating ‘Anonymous Bar’.



Foodie Museums and Edible Artefacts - Part 2

Czech pastry, filled puff pastry roles with whipped cream

Prague-On-Segway is still recovering from the meat something with something dumplings and something sauce we had for lunch (we think it was today, but we've been stumbling around Prague ever since trying to digest, it could be weeks later for all we know). Having battled-off the dark forces of the food-coma, we mount our podiums and roll off into the city to find our next source of taste stimulation.


Kafka Museum

Franz Kafka portrait year 1917We are delighted to bring our customers the best tips for museums and shopping in Prague. The Kafka Museum is a perfect example of both. Let us here at Prague on Segway give you a rundown on the museum and the quirk and fun attached to it. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as we do!


Saint Vitus Legends

Photo displays St. Vitus cathedral from worms eye view perspective in black and white.Prague is a city not only rich in history, but rich in legends and ghost stories. With this in mind, Prague on Segway has decided to give you a bit of a  personalized scary ghost tour with a series of articles on The city’s creepiest legends and myths. 



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