The Street Performers of Prague

Street performer, a levitate, showing a trick on the streets of Prague.Following the King's Walk through the streets of Prague and up to the mighty castle, there are few occasions when you won't be able to hear the crooning of, or see the theatre of some of Prague's prolific street performers. Sometimes Prague-On-Segway likes to scoot this trail to absorb the diversity of, and sometimes lack of, talent of the weird and wonderful street artists.






The Hospoda Hunt - Part 4

Our culinary exploration takes us deeper into the Czech jungle for it's final destination. It's been a delicious,  and at times emotional adventure. Our segway's are starting to run out of juice, pleading to be plugged in and left alone- having surely felt a weight increase over the course of our expedition. Soon our two wheeled friend, soon. Today we are on the hunt for the mythical 'utoponec'.

The Museum of Alchemy

Inside of museum showing book shelves, lamp and candle of the alchemystIt can be all too easy to get sucked into tourist traps in Prague, but if you happen to go down the right side streets of old town (it’s a hell of a maze), you’ll be rewarded with intricate and tasteful shops, cafes, bars, galleries and museums.







The ghost child of Charles Bridge Legend

Charles Bridge at dusk, slightly foggyPerhaps one of the most iconic and memorable sites of Prague is of course Charles Bridge and like many of the city’s historical sites, it’s haunted as $%&@. 




Groove Bar

Outside street view of groove bar with signageGroove is another fantastic cocktail bar in the centre of Prague near the long and lush Narodni trida. Groove is exactly how it sounds, filled with effortless style and slick, both where drinks and patrons are concerned.



Street Life - Part 3

Photo shows a grilled sausage with two pieces of bread and ketchup and mustard on a paper plateFace blanketed with the remains of the Cukrarnas finest offerings, Prague-On-Segway licks the dripping cream from the sides of it's mouth. That was a snack well done. Back on our wheels we go to take you to the streets to see what Prague's window vendors have cooked up for us.





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