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You are in Prague and you want to have a wonderful time, right? But there are too many choices. What to see? Where to go? You don’t want to get bored and tired, you might be short on time, or want something that is out of the ordinary.

We will do our best to make this Segway Tour a highlight of your stay in Prague.

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#1 segway tours in Prague on Tripadvisor

Discover Prague on a Segway with a personal (and local) guide. This is the #1 segway tours in Prague on TripAdvisor. And rightly so. More than 1000 people rated it 5 stars. That many people just can’t be wrong.


#1 segway tours in Prague on Tripadvisor

Travellers enjoy it ...

Prague On Segway Chris T.
Chris T.

Chris T.

The fact that it was just the two of us and our guide meant that we could stop whenever we wanted to take photos, or find out more about the city. 

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Prague On Segway Raquel A.
Raquel A.

Raquel A.

It was just AMAZING! We visited places that for sure we would not have on any regular tour, it is completely customized, it was just the 2 of us and the guide. 

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Prague On Segway AskApril


You'll not only gain a wealth of knowledge about Prague, you’ll have wonderful memories that will last a lifetime and you will feel like you’ve gained a friend. 

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Prague On Segway Beth H.
Beth H.

Beth H.

I recommend doing it when you first arrive because it gives you a great overview of what there is to do in Prague and what places to spend more time at. 

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but so do locals

Prague On Segway Lucka & Ondřej
Lucka & Ondřej

Lucka & Ondřej
Czech Republic

„I got segway tours by Prague on Segway as part of a gift. As an architect - and a local - I thought: This is going to be boring. But my girlfriend Lucka persuaded me to go. And boy was it enjoyable.

The guide was not only funny, but knew more about Prague than I did. Plus my girlfriend found him quite handsome :). We took a five minute course in how to drive the Segway and then went to a round tour of Prague by night.

After 90 minutes, we both begged and refused to get off of the Segways. And it became one of our best memories and a topic of more than a few evening discussions. I smile every time I remember. And so does Lucka. After two years. What do you remember from any of your vacations after two years?“


...and these are just a few from over 1800 Stars reviews on TripAdvisor


Not convinced yet?

You might be afraid you will fall.

But you won’t. Everyone receives a proper Segway training before the Prague segway tour and we don't start the tour until you feel comfortable. We also provide helmets, just in case. The only restriction is weight. For the Segway to operate properly, you must be between 35 - 125 Kgs (72 - 276 Lbs).

You may feel it is expensive.

Consider that you will pay half of what we charge and they will turn you into a sheep, group you together and make you follow an umbrella. Or a flower. We, on the other hand, offer a personal guide just for you (two), plus two Segways, which cost the same as a second-hand car. And this is going to be an experience you will always love to remember.


Happiness Guarantee

Guarantee We are so confident that you’ll like it, that we guarantee you will not be able to wipe the smile off your face by the end of the tour around Prague by segway. If we see an unhappy face, we will give you your money back.

Don’t take our word for it, just read what our customers had to say. Check out TripAdvisor and ask any of the reviewer about their experience with segway in Prague.

Michal co-owner of Prague on Segway
Tomáš co-owner of Prague on Segway

Now the big question is:

Which Prague segway tour should I book?

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