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Spain, Madrid
Euro Segway Madrid providing real high quality Madrid segway tours
Spain, Barcelona
Barcelona Segway Fun provides segway tours in Barcelona since 2008
Austria, Graz

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But if you going to Prague now you can choose one of our tours below.

Real Segway Tours

Prague Castle area, Prague Canyons

Segway fun Prague

Tour de urbano

3 Horas 12 km
75 € / 1950 Kč
Segway Fun & Beer Tour

Diversión segway en Praga

2 Horas 10 km
58 € / 1500 Kč
Prague Canyons tour

Tour a Grand Canyons

3 Horas 16 km
75 € / 1950 Kč

E-Scooter tours

En todas partes

Viewpoint tour in Prague

Visita de puntos claves

3 Horas 13 km
75 € / 1950 Kč
Grande tour of Prague

Grand Tour de Praga

3 Horas 15 km
75 € / 1950 Kč
Design your tour in Prague

Cree su propio tour

3 Horas 17 km
75 € / 1950 Kč

Combined Segway + E-Scooter tours

Castle area, Lesser Town, Old Town

Combined Tour Prague

Viaje combinado

3 Horas 19 km
75 € / 1950 Kč
Segway events

Combo Grand City Tour

4 Horas 20 km
99 € / 2550 Kč